1st month went way too fast…

Have to say my expectations weren’t near what I’m experiencing here! This city is overwhelming in its best possible way. Sometimes I feel like I’m on a movie where things just happen. From food to cultural activities, from work to architecture.

Got my own house which finally its somewhere where I feel comfortable and happy. Located in Williamsburg next to the train station, I take on average 15 m to work. Commuting everyday is simple and easy, the same as commuting to anywhere else. Having lived in London where distances are quite considerable, was expecting a worse reality in NY. I’m glad that this is not the case. The city is flat and with very good transport infrastructures. Last weekend had the courage to do 27 km walking around the city which was possible even for an anti-sports person like me. I leave you here one of the architectural sites went to visit on that hike 🙂

In terms of work, a lot of exciting projects are happening at the moment. Mostly residential though the office is planning to design different briefs. We might start a new social housing project soon which will be interesting to be part of. The office is super nice and other architects young and helpful 🙂 I’m definitely out of my comfort zone but being surrounded by good teachers with a lot of patience makes everything ok. Despite being away from home couldn’t feel more integrated.  Everyday I learn something new, and everyday I get the pleasure to be involved with real design. Couldn’t be better! See you in a month 🙂 xxx

Ines Sarmento

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