Happy 2020!

Hola everyone,

And Happy 2020! I can’t believe we are entering a new decade. I’m leaving behind an awesome year of adventures, travels and new discoveries. I went back to my hometown for Christmas and I had the chance of thinking about how many things I have done in the past year in the US, so I wanted to tell you about my favorite ones. Here we go:

Road trips

The US is extremely large so that gives you the opportunity to explore and visit a huge variety of different places with just a car, some food and friends. Driving around here is not that complicated, so if you are thinking about it, I totally recommend it.


I like a lot of indie American groups and djs that rarely tour in Europe, so I have gone to a lot of live concerts and dj sets this year. I saw Cigarettes After Sex, Ruby Haunt, RY X, Toro y Moi, Flume, Rosalia, FKA Twigs, and now I’m really looking forward to see Arca in May. There is always something going on, from super small and intimate shows to huge performances.


I had always seen in the movies these cool places where people go and play games in these machines -now vintage- that only run with quarters. I also found the aesthetic of the place super cool, so I finally went to a couple of them, and yep, they are awesome. They are a fun plan for a night with friends or even for a date!


But definitely, the best part about North America is the food! Not because the American gastronomy is super extense, they don’t really have that many typical dishes, but they have food from all over the world in every corner. I have discovered -by its food- so many cultures that it seems that I’ve being traveling around the entire world.

I am so excited to see what 2020 is bringin!

Alejandro Alonso

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