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[Interviews] Series Revamp!!! Paula Hernandez & Her Story!! First installment now up for all to see!!

Since Paula Hernandez was 7 years old she has dreamt of being an architect. One that could design their own world, and spend their whole life on a project that is meaningful and makes a positive impact. Hernandez was able to visit Barcelona with her family, and take in the immense scale and beauty of La Sagrada Familia.

At such a young age, Paula Hernandez was already planning her way to New York City and London. Her father had lived and experienced the American Dream in Boston at a young age as well, and his stories animated her to replicate her father’s footsteps.


At the start of the interview, CEO Patricia Garcia leads the segment with the mission statement for this new [INTERVIEW] series, wherein she states that,

“…it is important to make sure that we all understand the value of fighting for your dreams and learn the important lessons along the way.”

The aim of this series is to provide our community with the opportunity to learn and connect with JOB+J1 Visa Program participants that have fought for their dreams and succeeded! šŸ‘ AlthoughĀ HernandezĀ joinedĀ Architect-US more recently, she has a very interesting story to tell.

When she was just out of university,Ā Hernandez could not keep still. She started applying to job opportunities all over the world, but more specifically in New York City and London. She viewed her strong English skills as an asset that could be valuable for for international firms based in USA and UK. After a couple of monthsĀ she got the chance to interview with Handel Architects and got the job!! She mentioned that they valued her experience Interning at a firm in Amsterdam during her Master’s at ETSAM.

Her advice for young professionals just starting off in the industry is toĀ not lose faith in bad times! Always take the opportunity to try new things and go beyond your limits! Keep studying and improving yourself! Think of new ways to help firms adapt to post-covid reality.Ā Hernandez highlights the value of programs such as ERASMUS and any other organization that gives young professionals the chance to gain new valuable skills.

HernandezĀ was proactive andĀ applied for the H1B before leaving back home. They approved her H1B, and so she was able to get ahead of the curve.Ā She also got a second job via her network! By having strong references and people knew she had a strong work ethic so they offered her a job in London. The reference letter was a key animating factor forĀ KPFĀ to hire her! So make sure your professional network is strong and ever growing.

Learn more about her recommendations for those wanting to work abroad, her perspective on the future of the Architecture industry, and her tips and tricks for getting new opportunities!!





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