How the new technologies make us evolve in our careers. 

How all the design softwares change our vision and the way we think and produce architectural material.

I remember my first years of school when we were learning about AutoCAD. Back in that time, not everybody had their own computer or a lot of knowledge about them neither. My aunt is an architect so she tried to introduce me to this new software, but besides the basic stuff, everything was so new and different for my mind. I decided to take an intensive class with some friends and learnt all the perks and shortcuts that AutoCAD will offer me.
After some years using it almost everyday, you gain some technical capacities that will change the way your mind can think and problem solving.
I don’t remember if at that time I thought about AutoCAD as a great software, I know that it was always challenging for me when it comes to print your plans in PDF, I’ve never gotten the lines or colors as I expected and even worse when you try to import the file to Photoshop.
During my college years I had a total immersion in all kind of design software, Rhino, 3D Max, SketchUp, Photoshop, inDesign…. At the SKETCHUPbeginning I used to take lessons, it was kind of the fast way to learn about this new skill you will need for that specific project for that specific professor. But after all, I realized that practice makes perfect, as much time I spent working on that I will be better, although sometimes you didn’t have time because the semester was over.
The first modeling software that I used was Rhino and I never understood it very well, we had this geometry class where we had to model all this curve shapes as domes, parables or combination of different geometries. By that time, I could not figure out how to do that, but I believe that nowadays I will be able to do it very easily.  Then I started using SketchUp, very intuitive and fast software. I believe that everybody in the industry has a certain knowledge about it. One of the coolest things for me was the google warehouse where you can download a bunch of objects.
During my first internship I found myself working with the unknown again, ArchiCAD. For those who don´t know this design software is the equivalent to Autodesk Revit but for apple computers. I was so lucky to have the opportunity to learn about this software, I can say now that it totally change my perspective about it, I would not want to use AutoCAD again, it was just such a waste of time and effort. Thanks to this new technical skill I was able to learn Revit so much faster and easier.  What helped me to get a training experience in the USA and keep learning about BIM.
After six month as a trainee in an american firm in Seattle (WA), I can say that I have a good knowledge and understanding of Revit. I have gained enough experience to have a productive and effective work flow, and I hope that in the next months I can keep learning more to be a Revit Champion.

Maria O'Connor

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