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Artwork world during a pandemic

A very interesting task in my job, it’s that we constantly are in touch with the art world. A lot of projects in studioMDA are focus in cultural, or to be more specific, designing art galleries. I always have certain sensibility for the art, but I can’t imagine how this world works, the art world. The way how they sell, how is categorized, why some galleries are more focus in some kind of art, and what they clients are looking when they want to buy art pieces. All of that, is involved in the design process of an art gallery, even more important if that space it will be build in New York City.

Most of these projects are galleries that want to be at the forefront of their industry, and the firm has been gaining a lot of reputation in any projects involved directly with the exposition of art. That’s why we have been creating a lot of empathy and understanding in what the client is looking for. A lot of these new spaces are looking for some existing buildings, in the areas of Tribeca or Soho, historical neighborhoods in New York City, and I think there’s another interesting part of making these projects, building a new space, in an old building.

As an architect we won’t have total freedom of creativity, because “the half” of the project, is already build. But that’s when the magic of the architect came. Visualize what objects or pieces or materials are important to keep, how we understand the preexistence of the site, and how the gallery it’s going to be a better space (in all the aspects) than it was in the old space. Definitely working in a firm that continuously wants to collaborate in the essence of what is New York, is a great opportunity.

Diego Perez Rosas

Intern at StudioMDANew York

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