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The Winner and Runner-Up for the Drawing Challenge is…..

After receiving drawing submissions from over 20 different architects and designers, we have finally found the winner for the Drawing Challenge with Architect-US! Our Selection Committee and some of our Job+J1 Program Participants volunteered to help decide who the winner should be, and they were all impressed by Victoria Fedorova

“Novodevichy Convent” by Victoria Fedorova聽is the official winner of the Drawing Challenge!!!聽She will be receiving exposure on all of our platforms, which will reach our active audience and blog with over 15,000 visits per day!聽Architecture is a canvas for the stories of our lives!

Fedorova states that “Architecture is a canvas for the stories of our lives”, and she prefers to start filling this canvas with sketches. For her, “sketching is like hunting for ideas, visual thinking, and just a pleasant way to unleash your true creativeness”.

To improve this skill and make it more enjoyable she usually draws Plein-air. “Plein-air drawing is an additional source of inspiration and a great opportunity to practice lines and composition”, as well as try new technics, discover new forms and materials.

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As an聽urban sketcher, Fedorova always travels with a small selection of ink pens 0.05 – 0.3 mm, pencils (graphite hardness HB-2B), a couple of alcohol markers, and an A5 sketchbook. She prefers sketching live, it can be both challenging and rewarding, because the view you’re trying to capture is constantly changing, lights, shades, and people never stop. Though your drawing is going to be a unique expression of what you, but not the camera of your phone, see.

She usually makes a couple of quick brief sketches outside and, if she finds the overall view and composition of the drawing attractive, Fedorova usually creates a more detailed analog in a larger format.

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In her drawings, she captured the outline of Moscow from the banks of Moscow river, “Novodevichy Convent”, also known as Bogoroditse-Smolensky Monastery, and Rozhdestvenka Street.

Fedorova always pays attention to entourage, in other words, surroundings for architectural sketches. She believes, that vegetation influences our drawings in many ways. Generally, trees do not pretend to be the dominant of your sketch, but they set the scale, play an important role in composition, represent intended shading, just adore the overall look of her work and gives an understanding to which climate zone your project belongs to.

I am聽inclined to academic drawing, so I find sculptures and models perfect for practicing drawing skills in depicting motion, pliant forms, natural beauty. I聽usually use dry materials, red chalk, or coal.

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We would also like to give a special mention to another great talent that captivated our Selection Committee’s eyes. The runner-up is Afshin Amini!!

The artworks that Amini has submitted are a part of their comprehensive sketchbook of vernacular architecture that they have been working on since they started their educational career in architecture. Not only this, but Amini also extended their study on traditional architecture and the idea of learning from passive strategies practiced in such buildings in their Ph.D. research.
On the whole, Amini believes that their ink drawings represent different types of traditional buildings of various regions with specific climates and weather conditions. Besides that, they considered and highlighted other factors such as cultural elements and local materials that are substantial in varying structural techniques, architectural details, and formal features of vernacular buildings around the world.
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Thank you to all of the architects and designers that submitted their incredible drawings to us! We want to give all of them a shout out! If you missed this one but would like to share your talent with the world, no worries, we have our new challenge聽ready to bake again, so keep an eye out!! 馃槈

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