Typical Monday at Work

This month I would really like to describe my typical Monday at work. The beginning of a new week is normally considered a stressful day for the most of the workers. But not in RDLR!

Every new week, at 9.00 we use to make a complete recap of all our projects, specifying tasks and goals for each of them, sharing opinions, also in order to better allocate every person of the teams to a different job. This kind of work organizations, seeing again all the projects together, drinking the first coffee of the week, is really the best way to start a productive day at work. The informal setting of the meeting also helps to get through the day easily.

After doing that everyone goes back to their desks, ready to read all the emails that could have possibly arrived during the weekend.

I have to say Revit is the first program that I use to open on my computer in the morning and certainly the last one to be closed. I really spend the most of my time working on it. One of the plug in I’m currently using the most is Enscape. I really love how easy is make a change in the model and directly see it rendered, having specified the materials and the enverioment settings. That really helps to go through all the different phases of the project esaly.

Normally we have the lunch brake at 12.00 (Americans really eat earlier than Italian!) and after that I go walking with some colleagues around the neighborhood, just to stretch our legs and be ready for the afternoon.

The day goes normally pretty quick and in a second is already 5.30! Let’s call it a day!

I really have to thank Architect US for the amazing experience I’m leaving!

Federica Ferremi


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