Living the dream

It doesn’t feel like one month ago I arrived at this experience in NYC. I don’t really know what’s coming or how it works. Definitely so many new things. Starting from the language or the terms, the work culture, the people, even the hour of lunch, are so different, where is used to in my hometown. Learning to fit it’s a kind of interesting. 

One of the most exciting things I’ve been learning during my job is the way and construction system. The organization and all the logistics are very impressive. How all the participants in the project, works together, to make the things get finished soon, and well.

Living in New York is a unique experience, there’s so many cultural things. Starting with all the museums and art galleries, available for any visitor (most of the galleries are free). I made a personal-city-tour in a part of Downtown (around Soho and Tribeca) to take a walk and try to understand what art means in the New York culture, and in specific in this area of the city. Is where the artists found an own place to expose their ideas, or their new proposals, that normally are the new tendencies all over the world, and that’s for me are very interesting. 

I really want to continue exploring the rest of the city, in arts or in another theme because New York has space for all. This also is very enriching for me, because in my job I have to be so familiar with the rescue of buildings in the landmark area, specially dedicated for the expression of new ways of culture.

I really want to continue learning, and with this inertia continue getting more involved in this American experience, and how they visualize a better world through Architecture.

Diego Perez

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