Working From Home Experience!

Ever since the month of March, we all have been terrified with the recent outbreak of the invisible enemy- the Coronavirus!! Going outdoors has become a luxury while grocery shopping has equally become a necessity with the utmost care and precautions. Ever since March 16, my host company has been very cooperating and helpful. We have been working from home, we have regular zoom calls every Monday or Friday and lately since the states are opening up, construction is going smoother and faster, we have work coming up and construction sites to visit.

Personally, working from home for me has both pros and cons. I have been able to save up a lot of time otherwise commuting to exercising, meditating, and going out for an evening walk in a nearby walking trail. It gets refreshing from a long hard-working day. I did not change a lot of my habits since then as I do change into my office clothes, having meals at the same time and sometimes timings are a little more flexible.

There are a number of architecture websites that offer free webinars for students, professionals for them to re-think the future spaces (post-COVID-19) era. I have been diligently participating in these events as it gives me a broader aspect of design and also helps me kill my time leaving no room for anxiousness or depression. These times could be hard especially when we are away from our countries and homes, but we could choose the right decision to make it happen while learning more and exploring our hobbies. Thus keeping this in mind, I also started to write articles and blogs for an architecture website. So this has been my experience for the last 2 and a half months. What is yours and what are you gaining from this lockdown period?

Nishtha Sadana


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