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Want to learn more about sustainability? check out these 3 award winning projects

As young and up and coming designers you should always be aware of what other students and professionals are up to in the field. In today’s world there is a lot of competition and you have to be following the latest trends and developments in your profession. Architecture is a fast paced and evolving field and given the current situation with COVID and climate concerns we’ve been facing for years now, ecological and economic designs are key for the future.

That is why, we’d thought it be interesting to share with you a couple of distinguished projects which were announced as winners of the AIA’s 2020 Committee on the Environment. These students have stood out with projects regarded at the top of sustainable consideration and implementation. The projects taken into consideration for these awards were aimed at developing projects with a carbon-neutral footprint through natural lighting. They also had to include the use of sustainable materials in construction, passive cooling, and heating systems (no use of air conditioning or heating) and generating energy only through sustainable systems. So, check out what these 3 student projects among many which have been deemed notable by COTE and ACSA.

1. University of North Carolina – [UP]-LIFT TECHNOLOGY TOWER

Bex Sejdiu and Devin Waddell
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
2. California College of the Arts – Waterline

Cera Yeo and Jingyi Luo
California College of the Arts

3. Iowa State University – Bazaar 324

Bazaar 324
Anannya Das and Connor Mougin
Iowa State University

Architecture has become, and has been for some time, a global industry. Tackling global issues and responding to other people’s concerns is a uniqueness that is seen by some of the world’s most renowned architects.

If you want to learn more about sustainability and the immersion of multiculturalism in the architecture realm, make sure you check out this post.

Also, nowadays architects are doing everything they can so that they stand out within the field. That is why you have to do everything in your power to improve your chances of getting that dream job. One of the ways to do it is by getting LEED accreditation, which is possibly on of the most recognized qualifications you can get. We have other blog posts which give you detailed guides for Exam prep materials and if you are one of those looking for an opportunity to work in the States, these are all things that you should take into consideration.



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