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(MY) best way to travel around New York

The first question to face for any person who comes to New York, be it a resident, a student or a tourist, is not finding a home, where to eat or how to dress, but is to find out the best way to move around in this wonderful city.
Fortunately, travelling into the city of New York, especially within Manhattan, is very simple due to its very dense urban grid structure.
One of the ways in my opinion more simple, but also enjoyable and fun, is to walk … walk … walk!
Walking among the crowded sidewalks of New York, many times it is necessary, perhaps to reach the nearest subway station from your home or place of work, but in my opinion, it is a real way to experience the city, to become part of his continuous frenzy, of his continuous movement.
Nothing makes you feel so alive as you move among the multitude of people who crowd the streets of New York, it’s almost like diving into an aquarium populated by multicoloured fish, in constant motion.
Sometimes it’s nice just to walk through the city from one neighbourhood to the another, walking, because only in this way can you really appreciate the different details, appreciate the architecture, perceive the different smells, notice the changes and see the faces of the different people who live this city.
Obviously, not all of us can afford or have the time and the desire to walk every day, so for the New York daily commuting, I recommend using the bicycle, even if with many many many precautions.
Between everyday train delays, entire lines being shut down, closed stations and rats on the tracks, many of new yorkers are desperate for transportation alternatives. What’s a straphanger to do? Subways pain you; busses are trite; Uber can’t sustain you; might as well bike! Maybe cycling around the city at first appears terrifying: out-of-control drivers, oblivious pedestrians, other cyclists, and the notion that all that’s separating you from the tooth-chipping pavement is a couple of rubber tires? Sadly, New York City Transit gives us more reasons to turn to the humble bicycle with every passing rush hour.
But there are infinite reasons to enjoy New York City’s nearly 1,200 miles of bike-friendly streets, but with many, many, many precautions.
In addition to respecting the rules of the road, we also need to know and predict the gestures and movements of the cars that surround us, then always wear a helmet, always always always!
Unfortunately, by bike, you can never get distracted because even if you are on a protected bike lane, there are parked cars that move, holes on the road, motor scooters that whiz past you and sometimes other cyclists who don’t care about the direction of travel and they come at you.
So if you really want to feel free, move easily through the streets of the city, dart the cars in the queue, quickly reach every point of the city, then use the bicycle, but be ready for battle.
Finally, if you are not a fast-paced and warrior on two wheels, the most classic, safe and (not always fast) method is definitely the Subway.
Even for travelling by train, however, a good deal of experience, adaptation and a spirit of adventure are needed.
Between continuous delays, dirty or closed stations, the partial shut down of the L Train, the constant increases in tariffs, the rats that walk undisturbed in the stations, the myriad of rude people who sometimes think they are in a disco or restaurant, the full carriages during rush hours, old and squeaky trains, in the end the Subway is the most used transport for millions new yorkers every day … and maybe even the most loved.

Francesco Duri

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