A weekend in New York

At the end of my first work week in New York, I had to take my weekend to know Manhattan and Brooklyn obviously. Actually, I didn’t wait until the weekend to start visiting some of the New York’s most awesome landscapes, so after finishing my workday, I headed directly to Times Square to seize its steady illuminated night.

During my first weekend in Brooklyn, I had the opportunity of seeing two of the world’s most famous and stunning suspension bridges: Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges.

As a civil engineering structures lover, I obviously took some time only looking at these beautiful steel constructions. Despite the fact that they’re both very old, they’re still pretty well preserved. The Brooklyn Bridge is the older one, built in 1883. It was the first bridge to cross the East River, connecting the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

When I came to visit those bridges, I decided to cross the river by walking on the Brooklyn Bridge and, before arriving in the middle of its span, I didn’t realize the Manhattan bridge was so close. In the picture above, you can see me on the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan bridge right behind. Although it was a sunny day, it was quite windy and that’s why I’m wearing my jacket. After living more days in NY, I realized the wind in here gets the day much colder. Well… at least that’s what it feels like.

After that, I went to downtown Manhattan with my two friends I’m sharing an apartment with. There I saw what I’ll probably see many more times during my stay in New York: the skyscrapers. It seems they’re even taller when looking in person!

After this simple tour between Brooklyn and Downtown Manhattan, I got very tired. One funny thing is that, before coming to New York, I thought Manhattan was much shorter than it really is. So, I didn’t expect I had to spend an entire weekend just knowing some of the basic tourist destinations of the city. I’m already planning my next visits! There are a lot of parks, museums, restaurants, and buildings to be seen!

Danilo Ebbinghaus

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