I have been in New York for week now and I can say for sure I have learnt three important things.

When you think of New York, you always think about all the different people, mix of cultures, cosmopolitan vibe. And when you got here, everything is like you thought it would be. There are so many different and interesting people that you may think you are going to fit just right in. But do not be mistaken my friend, at the beginning you are an outsider. Just try to take the subway, it seems like an easy thing to do, but it is not. This is when you start missing the Madrid Metro, so clean, where everything is perfectly indicated, without rats living in it. You remember when using the subway was easy, and there were no doubts of which direction were you choosing. Here taking the subways it is HARD. At least when you only be a new yorker for 1 week. So be prepare to ask hundreds of times to every person in the station if you are in the right platform. The train will change route with an almost incomprehensible announcement and of course on the weekends half of the stations are closed. But at the end, when you can relax and be sure that you took the right train you can fell that you are almost like one more, in this amazing city.

Another must if you came here in winter. The importance of choosing the right umbrella. I came here from my beloved, sunny and warm Spain to the cold and wet NY. I knew what I was going to get, so I came prepared with a huge amount of thermal clothing. To use them always under my normal person’s clothes, do not forget I am trying to pretend that I am not an outsider. But, this wind? I was in Chicago before, the “windy city” and that was a piece of cake compare to this. Rain + Wind it is a dangerous combination. If you add to the mix that I need the Google Maps in one hand to find exactly where I am and where I want to go at all times. Buying an umbrella that flips inside out it is a total DISASTER. I can say for sure I ended even more wet that If I had not had umbrella at all. But do not worry, I have learnt my lesson. When I came home the first day one of my roommates told me that you could only know if your umbrella it is right one, if it survives its first three storms in NY. So definitely I need to find a new one.

And the third and most important, do not be afraid to ask! This week I feel like I been asking a million questions every day, to my roommates, to my co-worker, to everyone that I crossed paths with in the subway. Ask everyone, all the time, anything you need. New York it is a charming and friendly place for everyone. All the people here is willing to help out. Even though “The city” it is tough, everyone is in a hurry and you are always looking for the right word. But it does not matter. One week is than enough to know that you are going to be on more in this amazing place called New York.

Susana Zárraga


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