change my professional life

how I decided to change my professional life and experience life in USA!

In less than one month I had all the paperwork done and the visa stamped on my passport and on my husband’s one.

I’m Eva, an architect and interior designer from Avila. Some months ago I was happily living in Madrid with my little family (my husband and my cat), I had a good job and everything was going alright…but I missed something I wanted to change my professional life. I have always been a restless person, who likes to travel and experience new things, and after 3 years in Madrid, I wanted something else. Fortunately, I had all the support of my partner so we decided to give it a try.

The USA was a place that attracted me both personally and professionally, and after some research about the possibilities, I found Architect-US web to help me to change my professional life. I found it very interesting what they offered: the opportunity to spend up to one and a half year working in the USA, having the whole experience of living abroad and even with their help to find a good place to work in. So I decided to apply and see what happens, and after some weeks applying to jobs and doing interviews, I get a great offer at Inglese Architecture + Engineering. The firm seemed to do a very interesting job and I have very good feelings during the interview, that’s why I felt this could be the place. When I joined the program I was worried about how much time would it take to find the right opportunity for me, but I never thought that it will be so fast! So in one month and a half, I had to reorganize all my life and get prepared to move to New York, and I was a bit frightened!

At the beginning, the process to fill all the paperwork and get the visa seemed complicated to me: so much things to take into consideration, only one month and a half to do everything, and the fear of forgetting something important and have troubles. But thanks to Patricia and Rocio from Architect-US the process turned to be easy and fast. They told me that time won’t be a problem and they guided me trough all the process step by step and solving with pacience all my doubts (that were A LOT, really) In less than one month I had all the paperwork done and the visa stamped on my passport and on my husband’s one; in my case I’m living this experience with him, so Architect-US also managed all the process for him to get the J2 visa and come with me 🙂

And here I am now, just about to take the flight that will drive me to probably one of the best experiences in my life! Let’s get started!


Eva Isusquiza


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