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Already for 3 months in America! Time goes definitely fast. Weeks go by as if I don’t even see them – this city has so much to offer. Literally every corner.

A little bit about work.. Last week was one of the most intense weeks of my life. Had the opportunity to submit my first bid set! After weeks of work on design, detailing, lighting, and all other project components we managed to create a beautiful and clear set that we are proud of. Couldn’t have had a more fullfilled and relaxed weekend after all that.

This same weekend I had the pleasure of hosting some friends from back home. Walked for miles and miles around the streets of Brooklyin. Started of in Williamsburg, going to every single market, furniture shop and gallery. Walked along the river with the most insane view to Manhattan. As I went along, cool old abandoned factories would emerge, and in between random bars with very good disco vibes. Once we got to Greenpoint, the scenario was different. Everything was more residential, restaurant small and cozy. Never saw so many plant shops in my life! Went to have lunch in 21 Greenpoint where apparently one of my favourite Bill Murray worked a shift behind the bar 🙂

After that couldn’t have had the best ending of all. We decided to pass through this donut shop called Peter Pan and so glad we did. BEST COCONUT DONUT.

Heading back home we just entered everywhere we felt like we wanted to. And everywhere we did there was always some

sort of surprise. One of them I leave you this picture. A random clothing shop in a sort of abandone warehouse where once you digged through the clothes, a face of a women just appeared! And like this there are many!



Ines Sarmento

Trainee at MBaird ArchictectsNew York

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