Hello everyone,

This time I want to talk about my first month in Los Angeles and my experience with KFA during this month.

I got to LA 5 days before starting to work and as I didn´t know anyone here, I decided to book a room from Airbnb (when I was in Spain) to spend my first week. But, as soon as I got here I started looking for an apartment, because everybody was telling me that it was not an easy task to find a good apartment in LA, that it will take me a long time to find something good. But I have to say that I was really lucky,  I found a very good apartment in a very good neighborhood in my third day. I only have 35 minutes walking to my office!:) I have 2 roommates, and they are really nice, they are like my little family here. We really enjoy spending time together.

And about KFA, I remember my first day when I first got to the office: I loved the place, the people, their projects,… And what I feel is that the more I know them, the more I like them. For me this is a very good place to learn and grow professionally. I am learning a lot of new things and I am really happy to be a part of the KFA team.

During the weekends, I have been visiting different places of LA, and for now the place that Ilike the most is Santa Monica, and its amazing sunsets. I like going to the beach to spend the day and enjoy the sunset. The view is totally beautiful! And of course, I love the weather of this city, it is always sunny, you feel like you are always in summer:)

Ane Rodríguez

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