Visit to USGBC Headquarters in Washington D.C

On my last getaway to Washington D.C, I got an opportunity to attend one of the tours of the USGBC Headquarters which is a LEED Platinum Building with ID+C and O+M. In the United States, many projects are centered around LEED and WELL certification. Infact, I recently took the LEED Green Associate Exam and cleared it with a 94%. There was actually a difference in air quality inside and outside the building. The headquarters are situated around the Downtown Area and are easily accessible by public transportation.

During my tour, I actually caught hold of the sustainable interior materials used by the building. The kind of space planning, the play with daylighting, window shades and occupancy sensors around. It is an open office plan with low partitions placed which are designed for flexibility. There has been vibrancy in the interiors of the building by the use of some warm and cool tones on the walls along with some features of biophilia. I got to interact and connect with the LEED professionals in the building and keep down a note of all the materials used in the building which could later help me with designing sustainable. There were also a lot new materials and sustainable techniques I came across.

Earning LEED credentials in the United States and Canada is very important as it’s not only an addition to your resume but also a sign of you being a green professional looking forward to make this world a better place to live in. I personally am interested in Sustainability and look forward to solve the biggest problems in the planet by my design decisions.

Nishtha Sadana

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