My First Thanksgiving Dinner!!

While moving to America for an year, I had planned that I would involve myself in all kinds of culture exchange and as I grew up watching all those famous American TV shows and movies, how could I miss out on Thanksgiving dinner. On my very first day in US in New York City, I bumped into this American couple who were based in Chicago. We talked for a while and became great great friends. And guess who invited me for the thanksgiving dinner? I have been warned by many friends and colleagues here to not trust anyone that easily here. And yes this is something I must guide all the readers to be careful but it is not really true all the times. This beautiful couple hosted a great dinner for me. It is great how sometimes you can connect with people and feel secure withing minutes of talking to them.

I flew to Chicago for the thanksgiving weekend. It was an overall great experience sitting down with an American family and trying out some authentic thanksgiving food. This beautiful family hosted an absolutely amazing dinner. There was some delicious Turkey, some cranberry sauce, salads, wine, chicken and desserts. It was a typical thanksgiving dinner when we all talked about each others countries, some past instances from their last years thanksgiving and some regular sarcasm and jokes. Some culture exchange and some thoughts exchange. It is actually about thanking for all good deeds while I was thankful for a wonderful dinner and amazing acquaintances. Spending 6 months in America has taught me a ton on a ton of little things. This is all something I will cherish in future and will always remember. Sometimes you learn and sometimes you end up teaching.

It was an experience I would never ever forget. I want to make the most use of these events and culture experiences for period I am in United States. Either architecture events or some local events or any kind of culture exchange experience, I would urge all the readers too to make each day count as this is something we will all remember for our lives. I would like to thank Architect-US yet again for giving me this opportunity to spend an year in USA and gain the best and best of knowledge.

Nishtha Sadana

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