Architect-US and Fundación Arquia join forces to provide scholarships to work in the States

To continue the beginning of this new year with more good news we want to give you an update by telling you about the collaboration that will be taking place between Architect-US and Fundación Arquia (The Arquia Foundation). To give you a brief description on who they are, the Arquia Foundation shares some of the same main objectives and values as us, which is the dissemination of cultural, social, professional, and educational projects in the fields of architecture, construction, design, and urban planning. Essentially, the Arquia Foundation has been providing prestigious scholarships to skilled candidates to pursue professional practices throughout Spain and Europe. This year, with the foundation’s XXI anniversary, they are planning to expand to the USA with the help of Architect-US and the Job+J1 Visa Program.

We have already closed a relationship for a scholarship opportunity with an esteemed architectural practice in New York, OMA! and we are currently in the process of creating more openings between other big practices in the city (BIG, Diller Scofidio + Renfro or HOK). Working alongside the Arquia Foundation our goal is to enable more candidates passionate in the field to pursue their dream of going to the US.

The scholarships that will be given to candidates will be in agreement with the principles of equality, merit, and capability. The aim is that candidates will be given the possibility to collaborate and complement the knowledge they gained throughout their training and apply them in a professional practice. All this by combining the understanding and execution between the professional and academic fields. Possibly one of the most important aspects of this program, is that it aims to promote the cross-cultural mobility of participating candidates and help them in their personal and professional development across the different disciplines involved in the field of Architecture.

The way that Architect-US will help those interested in these opportunities is by helping and taking responsibility of the incorporation of the candidate in the American firm, as well as the processes of the official paperwork of the J1 Visa, medical insurance and all the official documentation required by the Department of American State to legally work in the US. Providing great opportunities for international architects to pursue an opportunity of their dreams in some of the most exciting architectural studios in New York City.

If you are interested, you must be aware of all the important requisites regarding the candidacy for this opportunity. For instance, all candidates must be of Spanish or Portuguese nationality, or, possess the residency or study permit in either country, or those that have obtained the title somewhere must have them homologated in Spain or Portugal after April 30 th of 2019. Also, candidates that have partaken in the Arquia Foundation in the past for these same scholarships do not qualify to participate again. Candidates must adhere to all requisites set forth by the Arquia Foundation and also to the requisites that entail those of the J1 Visa and the Department of State. More information at Arquia | Architect-US Scholarship.

If you are interested in taking part in the opportunity provided by Architect-US and the Arquia foundation but have questions or doubts about your eligibility, make sure to reach out to our team so that we can clear up any doubts that you may have. We are very happy about this collaboration and excited about the opportunities that this will present to aspiring international architects!!!

If you are interested in working in the US in general, we invite you to register in our  Job+J1 Visa Program so we can send you detailed information to achieve your American Dream (first steps, companies we work with, job search recommendations,…). Looking forward to seeing your name in the Arquia finalists and/or in the Job+J1 Visa Program!


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