go to the US with a J1 Visa

Go to the US with a J1 Visa – My Experience

I am Johnson, Architect. After graduation, I worked in Delhi for 1.5 years, before shifting to Dubai and worked in a theme park construction company for around 2 years which was my most interesting experience yet so I decided to go to the US with a J1 Visa.

While working there my architectural gene which was thinking and understanding silently in background mode all these times inspire me to look for a company who can trainee me to understand and learn design process of theme park from start to finish.

After completing work folio I applied to ITEC Entertainment for training in Theme park design. My work folio and work profile were quite impressive to them so after a telephonic interview with HR and four senior members of the firm, I was offered six months paid training in their Orlando office that is how I decided to go to the US with a J1 Visa.

Now my host company approaches Architect-US for my J1 Visa process and paperwork. Architect-US contacted me and assign me an official Program Advisor, Andra Diaconu, and ask me to upload some of my educational and professional documents. That’s all I had to do for the paperwork. Rest was taken care by Emilia Stefanova and Andra Diaconu of Architect-US. Two times I have to print, sign, scan and sent back according to paperwork’s requirement.

And finally in 3 week’s time from applying for training, got my sponsor approval and all other document kits for US Consulate interview reached in my given address.

I applied for US Consulate interview and got my visa approved.

So after 2 working days, I got my US visa stamped passport in my given home address.

So my bags packed and will be flying to Orlando on 12th January 2018.

Go to the US with a J1 Visa from India for Training and Internship were unthinkable before, due to complicated paperwork’s and approvals, but Architect-US handled all that for me. I will highly recommend Architect-US for Internship and Training possibilities/dreams in the US.

Johnson Abraham


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