Road trip to Philadelphia

»Ring Loud that Hallowed BELL!… Ring it till the slave be free…»

During Memorial Weekend I had the chance to visit the city of Philadelphia, PA, a place that exceeded my expectations, not far from New York City (approximately 150km / 93miles).

Firstly, I visited the historical side of the city, which includes the Declaration House, the Liberty Bell Center, the Independence Hall, the new and the old City Hall and the New Market among others. For most of those places you have to stay in line in order to visit them and there’s no entry ticket required. However, the line moves quite fast, and the visit is absolutely recommended. Close to the river, you have the beautiful neighborhood of Society Hill, that outstands for its peculiar houses. Then, I checked out the One Liberty Observation Deck for a more global view of the city.

Secondly, there is the Philadelphia Museum of Art with the famous »Rocky Steps», that shows up on the Rocky movie, where many people recreate the scene by running up the stairs. Last but not least, just behind the Museum is the Fairmount Park, which was one of my favorite places in the city. I went biking on the 8 mile trail around the Schuykill River and it was a gorgeous sunny Sunday. The views are amazing and you can disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Also, when you visit Philadelphia you have to try the famous Philly Cheese Stake and also I would recommend the homemade ice cream at The Franklin Fountain, a well-known place for the scoops of tradition and old-timey flavors.

All in all, Philadelphia was one of the must-see places on my list and it definitely did not disappoint. I would go back any time, I have no doubt that there is much more to see and explore. I would recommend it without hesitation.



Cristina Marin

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