My J-1 Experience after 18 Months

Hi all !,

This is a follow up of my last post on the TN Visa for Mexicans and Canadians to work on the US under the NAFTA program.  So 18 Months have passed really but REALLY fast. I must say that I’m happy and grateful for all past and future experiences that await for me after choosing the TN Path. I remember like it was just a couple weeks when I contacted Patrica Garcia and started my whole process for the J-1 experience, which I must say I was doubtful at first because it appeared to be REALLY good at first glance. So when the whole Architect US team started getting involved in the process by my side I started to feel more and more comfortable with the whole process. Overall it was a pretty straightforward process .

So the day came when I finally received my Interview at MVMK Architecture and the same day received my Job offer from an email that Patricia has sent me , I just couldn’t believe it that it was very fast! I was so excited!. After I accepted the offer It was just a matter of a little more paperwork and visa process and I was off to JFK Airport!!

My training was great all my colleagues and principals were really nice all the time , so it was easy for me to get along quite well around the office.  It was about a year when I received an offer to stay when my J-1 one ended on behalf of the Principals so I started searching for options. At first my option was the O-1 Visa which makes sense despite how difficult it might be , I’ve read on a couple blog posts on Architect US about people applying and  actually receiving it. So I thought of giving it a try.

After contacting a well known immigration lawyer in San Diego he advised me to apply for the TN Visa option which makes me eligible for being a Mexican National and the process is a fast one and the type of visa shares similarities to the H-1B. So I decided to take that path. I’ve completed  my paperwork , concluded my J-1 program and have my appointment in a couple of weeks, I might say I’m feeling excited like the first time I applied for the J-1.

I will keep you guys posted on the process of interview and documents needed in another post. So wish me Luck! All this is experience began with Architect – US and it will always be there! from an opportunity you can actually feel it transform in to a career.

Jesus Lara

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