How to feel free and  alive like never before in one simple trick? Just rent a convertible Mustang and drive it along the Pacific Ocean. It really is that simple.

Wether you choose the comfortable V6 or the powerful V8, you will love this car. Its automatic gearbox is very easy to drive, especially in the traffic of Los Angeles or in the hills of San Francisco. The Apple CarPlay, the heated and cooling seats, the AC, the LEDs whose colors can be changed… everything in this car is carefully designed four your confort. And for the fun part, we have to talk about the Sport mode and the 320bhp, what a blast! Driving in the hills of Los Angeles or in the mountains of Yosemite, hair in the wind, sunglasses and Californian music on is one of the greatest feeling in the world.

Living in the LA area without a car is not easy everyday. The train system is terrible, the buses are crowded are too cold and Uber and Lyft are really expensive. The best way to visit LA and California is by far by renting a car and have one of these not so overrated road trips. I have done it in a Prius and in a Mustang, the Prius is very gas efficient but the convertible Mustang is so much more fun efficient.

On a more practical note, I highly recommend Turo, a very useful app to rent a car. It is an app that allows you to rent a car directly to the owner, so you know exactly what you are going to get. It is extremely easy to sign in and to rent your first car, my French driver’s licence was accepted in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, if you are under 25, you have to pay a small extra fee of around 20$/day, but at least you are allowed to rent, which is usually not the case for the big car rental companies.

Drive safe and never forget to have fun!


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