How to create your personal brand within Architecture?

When you apply for a job, it is not just about your qualifications and experience. You must know how to market yourself to the correct audience, and by knowing what the company decision makers are looking for you will know what personal attributes you need to highlight. This information can guide how you develop your Personal Professional Brand!! 👍😁🤓👌

Take a quick minute and think about some of the stresses of applying/finding job opportunities in the Architecture industry! What comes to mind?

Your inability to present who you really are to a possible employer?

Miscommunication and poorly set expectations?

Down right denial?

Here are some tips and tricks to creating your Personal Brand and presenting yourself the way you want to be presented, not the way they happen to find you!!

1. When applying

When you are applying, you must always try to transmit the best version of yourself to the company, but do not lie about who you are. Starting a new relationship is like anything else, you must be honest and communicate your intention. Your reputation in the industry is crucial and these first relationship building experiences are going to shape your career.

2. Highlighting your personality

Your personality can be more powerful than your resume. You should always try to be nice, you never know who might cross your path, maybe the next person you talk to will give you a contact that might give you the job you look for. It can be seen as the snowball effect.

3. Good references and strong networks

Good references and connections roll over as you gain more career momentum. When it comes to an application, being nice and polite can give anyone a little extra value. As an architect, you should also be unique. With so much competitiveness nowadays, being unique will have a positive effect on how companies see you. So, how to be unique?

4. What next?

There are small things that can make a great difference. Making an extra effort when applying for a job can be a game-changer. What I mean is being prepared to be more than they expect, and, in a way, showing off that you are different.

Having your “elevator pitch” ready is crucial to marketing yourself. Imagine you are in the same elevator as one of the decision makers that you were trying to connect with. Now imagine what you would say about yourself to stand out, but you only have a couple of minutes to do so. You must have a short and concise ‘pitch’ if you will.

This message should come in three forms:

1.) General intro for networking (who you are? what do you do? where you want to go?),

2.) Job interview version (tailored to the job opportunity)

3.) Sales (trying to convince possible mentors or stakeholders to believe in you).

Questions that you should answer include:

    • What is your greatest attribute?
    • Why should they hire you?
    • How are you different from the rest?
    • How could you contribute to their mission?

You have to be your own cheerleader!!! So get out there and start showing them what you got!!

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