Snow covered mountains make a striking backdrop for a view of downtown Los Angeles in this view from Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area Wednesday February 6, 2019. Photo By Chuck Bennett


I cannot believe that my American adventure is almost over and I need to get ready for another chapter of my life. It still sounds pretty surreal to me that I’ve lived in Los Angeles for the past 18 months and I remember my first day in Los Angeles like it was yesterday. Time flew by too fast and I wish I had more time to keep my US experience going. I can without any doubt say that to start my journey with Architect-US has been the best decision of my life so far. I don’t regret any moment during my 18 months in the United States.

My experience in California has been so amazing that I completely forgot how determined I was in the beginning to get a job in New York City. I think it was my destiny to come to LA instead and especially to work for KFA Architecture. They are more than just a host company, they are a family. I’m so grateful that I could be a part of it, even though only for 18 months.

Although I’m pretty excited about going back to Paris and eat some delicious baguettes and croissants or to enjoy my favorite rainy weather and grey cloudy sky, I’m also getting emotional because there are so many things about living in California I’m definitely going to miss so much. Palm trees, beach, ocean, sun… none of these things extremely important to me but after a year and half I have to admit that it has grown on me. The other thing I’m going to miss are the people I’ve met here and amazing friends I’ve made.

Even though Santa Monica/Los Angeles was not on the top of my list when I applied for this program, It was a wonderful experience and thanks to Architect-US I’ve been living my dream. Also, I couldn’t have asked for a better company to work for than KFA Architecture.

Both professionally and personally, I have grown so much during this experience. At KFA they really want to motivate people and give you opportunities to learn by working on different phases of the projects, participating in the meetings, talking to the clients or going to the site visits etc. All this was definitely a big step out of my comfort zone but also a really good lesson that will help with my career in the future.

Thank you Architect-US once again for making my dream come true!

Matej Strbka

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