What’s a J1 Visa Sponsor?

At Architect-US, we help sponsor your J1 Visa internship or training program in the U.S.! However, many of you may not know what this «sponsorship» exactly entails.

So, if you get a J1 Visa or decide to participate in an Exchange Visitor Program to get some working experience in the U.S. like our participant Anja, you need to find the help of a sponsor organization. These organizations, including ASSE (an official sponsor that Architect-US works closely with), are licensed by the U.S. government to issue the documents that you need for your visa application including the DS-2019 form.

Architect-US will help you with your visa process by taking over the entire communication process with the host company and the organization of your choice. We will instruct you about everything you need for your J1 intern or J1 trainee visa application. With ASSE, we will process the official paperwork and conduct necessary Host Company site visits and verification calls to make sure that your program runs smoothly.

Architect-US strives to quickly respond to all our participants’ questions, providing all the information and to help you obtain your J1 visa and start your internship or training program in the U.S!

Thinking of getting a J1 Visa? It’s not too late to contact Architect-US to start today!



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