Visiting the Met Cloisters

If you’ve moved to NYC from another country, chances are that you’ll have a lot of friends wanting to visit you while you’re here.
Spring months are actually the best time to visit New York. This April, a couple of my closest friends came over to the city for a week. They’ve both been to NYC before, so this time we decided to take a trip to a museum that not many people know about.

The Met Cloisters belongs to the same group as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and
offers one of the most impressive collections of medieval arts in the world.

It is located in north Harlem – Fort Tyron Park. It takes about an hour to get there, depending on your means of transportation and your location in the city. If you include the time you’ll spend visiting the park and The Cloisters, I would recommend making it a half day trip.

The building complex was constructed with portions of 5 French medieval cloisters from 12th and 15th century, portions of which were shipped to NY and assembled to create this medieval museum.

Though this place has never been a real monastery, the atmosphere is very peaceful and soothing, feels very far away from the city’s chaos. It is also a special place because of its proximity to the Hudson River and it’s best to go there on a sunny day.

It definitely feels like being back to Europe. If you ever find yourself feeling homesick during your internship time in NYC, I highly recommend visiting the Cloisters!

Josipa Baricevic

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