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Being a global architect and a sustainable growth

In order to make it to top design firms and tackle significant projects on an international level architects have to become more mobile. Moving across the globe and learning from different cultures and experiences and being immersed in unfamiliar environments allows the designers to try new methods and develop new skills sets that may not grow unless being thrown into such experiences. In this case, hiring young candidates with diverse portfolios and experiences will provide companies with designers that will open doors to deliver global reach and knowledge; key values of Architect-US.  Rethinking the future and the way in which projects are made can only be done if we widen our bases of initiation.

Architecture has become, and has been for some time, a global industry. A uniqueness that is seen by great architects such as Bjarke Ingels, Zaha Hadid, Richard Rodgers, Renzo Piano, among many others who have projects all around the world. This in fact, has been achieved by their effort to have designers from all over the world. A multi-disciplinary design team was almost unheard of twenty to thirty years ago, but due to advances in technology we are becoming a global community. With the introduction of multi-disciplinary design teams, architects are now required to do much more research and collaboration directly with firms and designers from other countries. This gives them the opportunity to hear and see different approaches of problem solving and new techniques throughout the creative process.

Architecture is art, but art vastly contaminated by many other things. Contaminated in the best sense of the word—fed, fertilized by many things. – Renzo Piano click here to read more

Under these times, offering a better quality of life means that we have to be able to have a sustainable transformation in the way that architecture is carried out. Achieving sustainable growth and implementing a global platform in which designers can collaborate and exchange ideas will provide the world with more solutions. Some worry that with the cross pollination of ideas and the growth in different ethnic values and tastes will standardize architecture and take away from the distinctiveness that cities possess. This has been proven to be wrong by many different architectural firms. With their aim of building a powerful form of grass roots globalization, and maintaining local values and thought, they have seen great success in the delivery and acceptance of the design by the masses.

Global culture is in fact changing consumer expectations and the invention and spread of new methods using new materials and advanced technologies can be easily seen in some of the new projects done today. Architects are coming up with smarter and more sensible ways to tackle some of the needs that we demand today as a society. You can’t be a global practitioner unless you promote cultural exchanges between the work aesthetic and vision towards a project.  So we, as a design community, and the recipients of these projects, are dependent upon the cross-pollination and mixes of different cultures, ideals, and experiences.



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