Coney Island Baby!

When the heat hits the city and you need some refreshment, take the metro and go to Coney Island. This is the home of the Cyclone, the legendary wooden roller coaster, Luna Park, the only aquarium in New York, the original Nathan’s famous and just the breathtaking boardwalk and of course the Atlantic beach where you can do a refreshing swim. This is a real old school amusement park, which offers you thrills, sun, surf, fun, and entertainment.

In just a little over an hour, you can be transported from the glamourous Manhattan to Coney Island. All you need to do is to take the D, F, N or Q subway from the Midtown.

A vacation destination

By the late 19th century Coney Island had become a seaside resort and an amusement park had been built there. The fun park reached immediately a great success.

Because of the distance from the city of Manhattan, Coney Island had become a place where to take a real vacation. It began to attract vacationers, who were mostly wealthy people from the city,  in the 1830s and 1840s, assisted by carriage roads and steamship service that reduced the traveling time from half-day to just two hours. Only in the 1850s, this place started to be reachable for the middle class, because of the introduction of a ferry.

Coney Island becomes the largest amusement park area in the US during the year of 1880 and second world war. In that period the park attracted several millions of visitors per year. The area was the center of advantage technologies, like electric lights, roller coasters. By the first decade of the 20th century, Coney Island had become the synonym of American increasing pride.

In the 20th century, Brooklyn was connected to Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge, Coney Island turned rapidly from a resort to an accessible location for day-trippers seeking to escape the summer heat in NYC.

Hanging out on the beach and take a walk on the boardwalk is one of my favorites thinks to do on a hot and sunny weekend day. Than take a ride one of the most iconic things that you can find in Coney Island-the Cyclone. This is woden roller coaster that was built in 1927. Believe me, you will scream your guts out.

If you are visiting Coney Island on June don’t miss the Mermaid parade. This is a procession of wild floats, people dressed as mermaids, full of sequins and glitter. This is an almost naked NYC wonder that allows everyone to channel their inner-Ariel for a few sweaty glorious hours

And if you visit Coney Island on Friday wait till the dark, when you will be able to see the famous summer fireworks that light up the Coney Island skyline.

Francesco Duri

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