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Before applying for a job in the USA, we all have so many questions in our minds: “how can I get a job experience abroad?”, “How should I start?”, “Is the American visa process difficult?”. Well, in this post I will share with you how I could get an opportunity to work in New York City, and I hope I can help you to figure out the answers to your mind’s questions.

I am a Brazilian Civil Engineering student who is currently studying in France as a participant in a double-degree program. This is a partnership between a French university and my university of origin. Long story short, I have to do an internship to get my diploma at the end, so I decided to try something new: a training program in the USA!

So, the first thing to do is to search for companies that can hire international interns temporarily.

As the Gilsanz Murray Stefick (GMS) is one of the best structural engineering offices in the United States, I decided to apply for an internship with them. As part of the application process, I had to send them my résumé and cover letter. When I was called to go through an interview with their staff, I got very happy and excited! I started to train my speaking English and, fortunately, my interview was successful. I received an offer letter from the company later. The day I received this letter was one of the best days of my life!

After that, it is important to search for a J-1 visa sponsor company.

As GMS had recommended me Architect-US, I decided to accept the recommendation. Before I tell you how my relationship with my sponsor has been, I would like to remind you how important it is to have a great sponsor company by your side. I think everybody would agree with me if I said the American visa process takes, sometimes, a lot of time. And that is exactly why it is imperative to have the best possible sponsor company to deal with all the documentation and stuff; it makes all the process easier, simpler and faster.

I can say I am enjoying having Architect-US as my sponsor! Everything goes well in the end. Their staff always answered my email quickly, and one of the things I have liked receiving from Sonia Sanchez was an email containing some tips on what to say and what not to say during the embassy appointment. It did help me to have an idea of what to expect beforehand!

Prepare yourself for the embassy appointment, but keep calm!

My interview was last Friday; I was quite calm and it helped me answering quickly and properly to the questions the Vice-Consul asked me. I think that is the most important thing to have in mind: stay calm no matter what! Everybody knows this type of interview does not last so long, so no reason to panic! Finally, I am just waiting for the day I will meet the Big Apple!

I have never traveled to the US before, so that is why my expectations are a bit high for starting this completely new experience! I hope I can improve my knowledge of civil engineering and have a great moment knowing New York (this city delights me even when I see only a photograph!).

It will be awesome for sure! Thanks, Architect-US! See you soon, NYC!

Danilo Ebbinghaus

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