NYC, clock is ticking!

“Your Visa has been approved” these are the words that confirm that your american dream is about to start.

Hi! My name is César Cobos. I am an architect and I am going to share my experience with Architect-US and how did I get a job in NYC.

First time I heard about architect-us team, I really felt intrigued and started sending emails to Patricia, she explain me the whole process and how do they worked, and how easy it can be.
Do not hesitate, ask the Architect-US guys and they’ll help you even If you send them thousands of emails per week (as I did)!

After gathering all the documents (reference letters, Academic transcripts, professional certifications… ) updating my resume and porfolio, the seek for a job started.
I remember when Nelligan White Architects emailed me, and after a couple of conference call it was all set, I received a job offer to work in NYC, my dream town!

Architect-us managed all the paperwork for applying J1 Visa, and after a couple of weeks I received DS 7002 and DS 2019 via FedEx, now I was able to get an embassy appointment. Embassy appointment was indeed easier than I thought, they confirm you visa approval at the end of your embassy visit.

Everything has developed so fast in the lasts weeks!

And here I am, two days before moving to NYC, all mixed feelings, stress, but also excitement about a new stage of my career that is about to start.

I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity, for the extraordinary patience of Patricia Garcia, Sonia Sanchez and Architect-US team.

Cesar Cobos

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