Taking off from Madrid!

These last few months have been very busy before moving to LA. Now everything is ready and my visa has been approved! I am about to take off from Madrid and  packing has been crazy! I will start my internship in Culver City next week and I am super exited!

Culver City, between Beverly Hills and Venice Beach, it supposted to have a great architectural culture. It is the new capital of architecture in the west cost because it has a tremendous amount of architecture offices! I am planning my must visit and to do list: Surf in Malibu, Santa Monica Pier, visit Getty center and Getty Villa, visit Griffith observatory, Eames house, Schindler house, John Lautner architecture…

Right after arriving I have to look for a custome for Halloween. I have some acquaintances in Los Angeles whose sent me this picture that I am sharing with you of Halloween pumpking decoration! I am super excited to live an american Halloween experience and to play Trick or Treat with the children of my future neighbourhood just like in the american movies that I used to watch when I was little.

It won´t be a cold Halloween though, packing has been very difficult since seasons in Los Angeles are totally different to Madrid.  The weather seems to be mild and worm all year long and it hardly ever rains! I will take advantage of the California weather to make as many outdoor activities as possible such us cycling. Slowly but surely LA is becaming a bike friendly city and I cant wait to buy a bike and ride it to commute every day in Culver City.

I am looking forward to beginning this experience, making new friends and learning the architectural office culture in the U.S.A!

Marta Espinosa

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