How to improve your LinkedIn to attract more interest in your candidacy?

Your content and the audience you want to foster are interlinked. It is important to in some way, to stay active on your social media and interact with decision makers within the industry. After you have your online profiles ready to be stalked by companies, you have to start searching for a job.

LinkedIn strategy will be crucial for your social media presence, especially when targeting companies and their decision makers.

LinkedIn should be used as a tool to find decision makers within firms you are targeting. According to LinkedIn, around 34% of users are within the age range that tends to be associated with decision maker roles (26-46 years old).

Considering LinkedIn is the predominant business focused social media application users are more likely to be open to networking and connecting with new people that might make their jobs easier. LinkedIn provides you with the tools to filter profiles based on industry, job function, or career interests, which helps you in your research to find the decision makers you should target with your career campaign.

 Tips for your Profile on LinkedIn and your Strategy

1.) Complete all available sections on your LinkedIn profile (Summary, Education, Awards, etc)
2.) Place keywords and vocabulary used in your industry in each area
3.) Make sure your profile picture and cover photo are professional, good quality, and clean
4.) Join industry-specific groups to increase the reach of your content and network
5.) Try to post regularly and share content regularly. You can create showcase pages for specific projects you want to highlight

If you still do not have a LinkedIn account, we highly recommend it! You cannot start your career campaign without having a presence on LinkedIn.

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