Biking season is almost over

Summer has come to an end, it ran so quickly that I hardly realized it if it wasn’t for my daily biking commute. With the end of summer also biking to work becomes more of a challenge. I’ve never been a great of a biker but in a city like New York I started appreciating it and it slowly became a need. It all began in May. Once I settled in my apartment and started commuting to work I realized I needed a bike. Although I live in Brooklyn and work in the Flatiron District I wanted to give it a shot. I remember at first thinking 40 min biking to work plus one bridge to cross (not to underestimate) would be too much for me but as soon as I began with this new routine it became something I could not give up.  It became a healthy habit, a way to exercise and an escape from the stressful subway commute. I discovered new places and started seeing the city from a different perspective, I could make my own time and decide my own route in order to discover something new each day. I learnt that Brooklyn Bridge is wonderful before 7 am or after 10.30 pm, that the Manhattan Bridge seems like the toughest and that the Williamsburg Bridge is a good compromise between the two: a “gentle” slope and amazing views on both Manhattan and Brooklyn. One last advice you should take before deciding if biking could be your thing or not is which type of bike you want to buy. I looked up online for a used bike and I must say it turned out to be a great choice. NyC is a nice city to bike but keep in mind that you do not want a fancy bike and that you want an effective lock if you want to find your bike the next morning. I think my biking season is coming to end, not sure if in winter I will be brave enough but, weather permitting, for me has been the best way to move around.

Giulia Pierotti

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