It seems like a year ago (but it was just few weeks ago) when I bought the first available ticket as soon as I received my passport with the American stamp in Spain (available means not cheap). So I took off from Barajas Madrid to John Fitzgerald Kennedy airport, arriving eight or nine hours later. The flight was good and quiet and was operated by the Norwegian company air shuttle.

As soon as I landed I realized how cosmopolitan New York is because the Uber that I rented was driven by an Indian man who was listening Indian music. I think it cost me 50 or 60 $ dollars, again a little expensive. We arrived at Soho where I will live for the moment. First obstacle, is a sixth floor without an elevator. First solution, the neighbour of the fifth one helped me with the luggage.

The room is small, tiny, with a bed and a small table, but two windows with exterior views. For now it’s what I need. Besides, in front of my house there is an Italian restaurant, called “Piccola Cucina”, where I ate the first day. But the next day I discovered Pokerice, whose originality is that you can create your own way 2 proteins for $11.90 or 3 proteins for 13.75$. I recommend it to you.

Walking along the city, eating an ice-cream, I saw people playing basket which reminded my brother, a passionate basketball player. Who recently became a doctor, I’m far away to share his achievements, but I write him everyday.

I like to go up to the roof of my building because I can see the One Trade Center and the Empire State. It is wonderful.

As far as weather is concerned it’s hot but it also rains. I must buy an umbrella. Then I should also buy the press, for example the famous The New York Times.

On the other hand I have to tell my Spanish family that there are six hours of difference because sometimes they call me at odd hours.

Finally I say goodbye until the next post in July where I will have been working for more than a month.

Alicia Buades

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