Who has cooked cat

One of the most important advantages of living in a city like Manhattan is living and meeting people from anywhere in the world. When you live surrounded by people who really have a completely different culture when it comes to food, acquaintances and general way of doing things, you realize that we live in a varied world.
It is not always good to shut yourself up and see things with the same eyes always, so going outside and having experiences that somehow make you see life through the eyes of another person, makes you somehow more feasible and given to problems, facts and circumstances. Opening your horizon to wide fields means that when you come across a certain circumstance in your life, you can reach more enriching conclusions.
Well, in the place where I lived, there was a girl with deep-rooted South African features, and whenever she cooked it was the most picturesque situation you saw. Spices of all kinds, strong smells that transported you to an ancient area with ancient roots.
Within the environment where I lived and the situation I had, there was an Italian girl, who hated strong smells, and in those she comes to my room all concentrated and asks me: –Who has cooked a cat? – I couldn’t stop laughing and thinking The truth is that we live in a city where having a huge field of people with different cultures around you is an adventure with tolerable and broad nuances.
The food did not turn out to be cat, but a sweet and sour sauce that accompanied a foal that he had bought in Chinatown. The smell was strong, yes but really, that we are for them, perhaps those of the Mediterranean have a reputation for cooking bland salads and that our flavors are vegetables full of oil and salt. I don’t know, because I was born in certain specific circumstances different from many people, but Manhattan is already here to surprise and teach me in that field.

Marta Barcia


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