This is the time of the year when everybody is talking about filing tax forms and as a non-resident in the US we also have to file these forms before April 15. As you know our host companies deduct taxes from our salaries on every pay check and the total amount deducted is reflected on your W2 form (normally delivered during the first weeks of current year).

I started inquiring about the process as I heard it can be complicated to calculate accurately the amounts, but then I remembered I received an email from Architect-us when I started the program where they recommended us Taxback.com for preparing the tax returns. A total a game changer!

I have to say that doing it online was much easier and quick and the fee charged by Taxback (also known Sprintax) is considerably lower than going to an accountant in person. All forms can be completed with less than $100 dollars and the best part is that they have a live chat available to answer any question that may arise pretty much at any time. Once you finish filling out all the information required and pay the fees you will receive an email with a link to download both, your federal and state tax forms. Then you just have to mail the Federal form to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and your State form to the address shown in the instructions. Keep in mind that you can track the status of your federal refund online at the IRS Where is my Refund? Website.

Look for your email from Architect-US and follow the steps as you may receive a better fees from them and you can get this done soon!

Harold De la Rosa

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