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Job+J1 Selection Process Tips

If you are considering joining our Program, one of the initial requirements that we ask from you is that you send us your CV and Portfolio by uploading it in the Job+J1 section of our web. Once you have submitted your work, the Selection Committee will do a careful consideration of your work to determine your eligibility and to see where we can help you so that you achieve the dream opportunity that you’ve been searching for. The team will look through your work meticulously to determine any additions or changes that can be made so that your Portfolio truly shines and exemplifies the talents you acquired in your academic and professional career. We will provide you with recommendations that we’ve seen to be successful for candidates trying to land a job in the States and help you make the changes necessary that adapt to the standards of what American Companies want to see.

Normally, we’ve seen candidates to be shy when it comes to displaying their architectural drawings, plans, and any supplemental details they have. More often than not, we have to ask candidates to include more sections, elevations, and schematic designs which strengthen the final renderings. Renderings, as good as they are can sometimes be deceiving and might not show a lot of the important details which really matter in that specific project. It is important that you understand that you are competing with a lot of local and international candidates and any extra ingredients that you can add to the mix is always good. A lot of candidates have great renderings, but it is also important that you include the details which make you stand out from the rest!

Composition is another factor in which we try to help our participants. This includes the number of pages which the portfolio has! Accordingly, we also recommend that you stick to 1-2 images per project and page. If the pages are crammed, it will weaken the strength of your design and overwhelm the reader (employer) with information. Get your point across with less! Usually less is more! That way you can grab the viewer’s attention with the important details and prevent them from focusing on unnecessary decorative elements. We know that it can be very hard, but that’s why we are here to help! We want to make sure that the work you are displaying can grab the reader’s attention in 30-90 seconds.

If you find yourself struggling with this make sure you send us your work, we will gladly assist you in the process and help you with everything within our reach to find you that dream job in the U.S.!!


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