Surprised with the landscape of the Desert

I have been for one month in Tucson,  and I have found several activities to have some fun with. First, I have found a group of people who play soccer every Saturday afternoon so I find a really nice space to do sports and meet new people with different cultures, backgrounds and professions. I have been doing a lot of biking around town and visiting really nice places with beautiful landscapes, for instance there is the Santa Cruz river park where you can bike form south to north and find a lot of native vegetation and wild life, I find it very relaxing and inspiring.

At work we have been focused on the lighting design of a brand new home in Phoenix, with has been built outside of the city with lovely landscape, so we have been in constant contact with the clients and lighting fixtures manufacturers and  basically deciding which fixtures use in every different space, number of them and see if they need to be customised depending on the need of the client and space. Here comes an interesting part of the experience which is the contact with people from different fields that works with you in this case the relationship between clients, architects, lighting designers and manufacturers is really important so you can se the more fluid the communication is the greater success of the project.

I have had also a great experience by been invited to see the last submittal of the semester  by students of school of architecture from the University of Arizona, I found it really interesting because you can see a lot of fresh ideas from different students with diverse ways of thinking and it actually reminded me of my days at school of architecture and inspired me greatly to learn about architecture day bay day.

Sebastian Espinoza

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