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From F1 to J1 Visa, considering OPT

Architect-US provides J1 visa services that often tie into working with other types of visas. One of the more common concerns from our clients regards transferring their status from F1 to J1 Visa. Most of the time, they are on an expiring F1 OPT period.

The easiest option for F1 Visa holders to stay in the U.S. for a period of time after graduation is through the F1 Optional Practical Training (OPT) period. 

Foreign students in F1 status are generally eligible for OPT, a post-study work option where one can legally work in the U.S. for a certain period of time, depending on your field. Recent grads generally have up to 12 months of OPT period, unless they used the period prior to graduation as well. If your occupation is in the STEM category, you are eligible for an additional  24 months for a total of 36 months.

But what do you do once this period ends? change from F1 to J1 Visa.

At this point, many turn to the J1 Visa because the process is simpler than other options, including lower costs, not requiring sponsorship of a company, etc.

Learn more about how to transfer from F1 to J1 Visa with Architect-US!



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