After one month in San Francisco I have realized that the american culture -even western- is really different to ours. Regardless the thanksgiving day, the schedule, or the tip you pay everywhere, things here, are pretty different.


Maybe because of the imperial system use instead of the metric system. I do not know why, but here, everything is huge. The cars, the entrances to buildings, the food, the highways, the bridges, some guys … It is really exciting to see that there is no limit. And how powerful is this country.


Do not get surprised if you find a homeless guy screaming two meters far from the city´s fanciest store. Homeless people specially in San Francisco, live in very extreme conditions. You just have to walk along Tenderloin to realize. It is ironic that one of the greatest countries allows this kind of poverty. Actually, the are not too many pictures of this on Instagram.


The other thing that I have realized is that finding a job here (once you are inside) is really easy. There are loads of adds saying We are hiring! It is overwhelming how much work is offered. If you work hard you get what you want (sounds like a topic, but it is true!)

Regarding my personal work, I feel that people here pay especial attention to your ideas, no matter how crazy they are. people value your creativity and everything you come up with. They are always open to the new things!




Alvaro Guillen


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