Overcoming and Reopening

As many of you know that It has been almost 4 months since COVID19 is spread out to the world. In the meanwhile, daily life was changed drastically than 5 months ago. When I first came to New York City in this program, I felt that New York is such an energetic city in the world, which means many activities are on the outside wherever. For instance, a musician plays music in the Park to aim for the success of the American Dream, a group of some people chilling out in the park, many terrace seats along the street as part of the restaurant. Those things are always made New york open to everybody and to create revitalize the community. I have never ever seen those energetic situations in my country. As one of the Architects, I think this is a great culture for urbanism.

There are no activities on the outside for now by COVID-19 so far, but it is getting to be recovered the vitality in the city step by step. There are some people to be in the park to be refresh on the weekend and some restaurant is prepared to reopening in particular that make eating space on the outside keeping 6′ social distance since they have to have a customer to avoid the density inside.

As you guys know that we have to keep masks and wash hands and be careful when we go out as long as COVIT-19 is still alive in the outside. I am not sure when the city returns to the original situation completely, but I hope that city will reopen as soon as possible sort of the best of the vitalized city with many unique human activities. I would like to go outside with my friend to see a wonderful cityscape and representative architecture in New York City.


Toshinosuke Matsuki


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