The panic Attack

One of the things I like most about Manhattan is that you know people from all over, nationalities, borders, color, culture and condition. I remember arriving super tired of work at the residence and seeing a girl of Chinese nationality, but who had grown up in Manhattan with her family. It had a delicate complexion, white and in the false light of the kitchen, it looked like porcelain. His jet black hair and some delicate and deep eye sockets that showed his tiredness of the day. She was slender and seemed intelligent with glasses barely held at the end of her nose. He wore a tight type of shirt and leggings, and his gaze to infinity said it all. When he spoke he smiled but did not look at me, he looked at his noodles immersed in water with spices, and only when he asked a compromising question did he look at me and put his glasses up in between.
I asked him kindly, how was your day? She replied: I had a panic attack, but otherwise it was good. When he told me that, honestly, I had never had a panic attack in my life, and I asked him why it had happened and what effects it had. I liked it, the way I explain a perspective that I would never have known if it wasn’t for the way I see things.
He explained to me with finesse that he had just started working in a Chinese restaurant, and he was also going to classes at hunter college. Not only that, he had become independent after living 24 years with his parents. It is obviously a great change what you are suffering, I said, and it is normal. We were also talking about what he was staying with a boy who loved but did not know how that relationship could end and if in the end, he could like her, I told him that such things have to make you big and happy and scare you It is about the happiness of each person. No matter who will listen to us, I said, I know where that panic comes from. And without more began to laugh with a silent and elegant laugh typical of people from Asian countries.

Marta Barcia

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