It was the birthday of Erika Venez, a roommate. One of the most frequented places with his coworkers is the Upper East side Bella Blue restaurant. Erica is part Venezuelan, and part Italian, and she loves the food restaurants of southern Italy since her father was from there and spent part of her childhood in that culture.
To celebrate his birthday, I book at Bella Blue. This restaurant is of quite good quality and the sommelier there, is an expert in wines, and was living in the area of ​​southern France. We ordered a tiramisu and Italian that melts in your mouth for dessert. Thanks to our friend’s mentor doctor, her name is Francisco, drinks came out for free. The fact that they left us for free was because the mentor of our birthday girl invited us. From the bar and with a smile and a toast, he winked at us, while we chose the wine offered by the sommelier. We each ordered a fabulous pasta dish, with a spectacular flavor.
After that we went to another place to taste wine. The place where we went had the small characteristic of an Italian or French street bar, full of wood outside and inside and with a cozy light. Every time one of us chooses a place to go, we take a picture, and the one who has chosen it has the responsibility to pay. Every day we go out we take turns. On our birthday, while we were all telling our adventures, there was a moment where a lady with long white hair drank a glass of wine in our honor and smiled at us. This gesture made us very funny and one of us went to meet her in person.
Manhattan has the characteristic of having many people eating or having dinner or drinking a glass of wine. These people are not ashamed of being alone and always, they are always watching you admiring you or suddenly they offer in your honor.
The idea of ​​meeting new people who tell you about their peculiar life, and with whom you end up having a glass of wine and sharing adventures, life and knowledge is the kind of people you meet on a Friday night in Manhattan at a restaurant in Upper East side, where money, elegance, loneliness, smile, good food and languages ​​from strange countries come together, and all this makes the charm of Manhattan.

Marta Barcia

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