Falls is here- Time to go to Central Park

Sadly summer has come and gone, and now fall has taken a sudden strong and cold hold over New York City. Thankfully, fall looks good on this city, too. The trees are all sort of  fascinating vibrant colors of red, yellow and brown, and its just so beautiful walking around the streets, it feels like I am walking in a romantic comedy.

However, the one place in NYC that really looks good in the fall is Central Park. It is already a pretty magical place but when those colors appear and they take  center stage, it adds another layer of beauty to an already incredible place. I have had the opportunity to visit Central Park many times before, and have seen it in all sorts of weather conditions but Fall is without a doubt my favorite time of year to go there.

Central Park is for me one of the defining features of New York. It provides the city so much character, and its such an unique experience to be in the middle of nature and seeing those skyscrapers around literally reaching for the sky, in such a stark contrast to the nature you find yourself in. It’s impossible not to feel special and think: Only in New York. This time I did something I had never done before which was walking Central Park from the top all the way to the bottom! I started in Harlem at the Harlem Mew, down towards the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, then passed by the Belvedere Castle, followed by a quick stop at the MET for that beautiful rooftop view, and finally ending at the rock viewpoints overlooking people ice skating. This took me approximately two hours, at an easy going strolling pace, and it was so rewarding- I feel like I know Central Park better now and love it even more.

Now Fall too is reaching an end soon, and I look forward to Winter and to seeing what layer of beauty it will add to an already incredibly fascinating city !

Marta Calvinho

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