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The orange month

The streets are changing, the cold is coming, and the gradient among the trees is more over orange, red and yellow than green. It is nice to walk under the rain of colorful leaves that started falling from the trees. The roads and sidewalks changed from the grey asphalt to a colorful carpet of leaves. Sunsets during this time of the year are really nice too and if you have the chance to go on a getaway into the nature to enjoy one, you definitely should. Hiking in such a colorful landscape is magical.

Another thing to highlight is the pumpkins. During the whole month, the city is full of pumpkins everywhere. You can easily spot them on the streets, the shopfronts, the stores, and all their possible variations in food and drinks. I was not aware how versatile pumpkins are and of how many things you can cook with them as a main ingredient. There are pumpkin carving contests, exhibitions, and pumpkin farms you can visit too on a daytrip.

If you put together all the orange leaves, autumn decorations and pumpkins everywhere, New York looks quite orange during this time of the near, a nice sunset shade.

However, if I had to pick the main event of Mid-Autumn in New York, it will be for sure Halloween. When you first think of New York, Halloween is not something that would usually come up to your mind at first. You would think more of “Christmas in New York” or “Summer time in Central Park” or even Thanksgiving, even though this last one is something you would probably relate to a more traditional American town. People are getting ready for THE day, they decorate their homes, the stairway and entrance of the buildings and they work in the perfect Halloween costume for the parade. There are lots of shows and events related to this festivity weeks before the actual date and when it is time for the Halloween parade, it is time to gather in the crowd and watch some amazing costumes. The Halloween night in New York is something worth seeing. Walking on the streets is surreal. Everybody is dressed up and those who are not, are the ones that stand out. The whole city changes from the regular office suit dress code to an amalgam of colors, make up and costumes. New York can definitely wear a lot of faces.


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