Playa san juan
When I informed the MARVEL office that I was going to join them in mid-September to work with them, everyone always had the same answer: «You’re coming at the best time. Christmas here is the best and longest Christmas season in the world». At first I didn’t understand why. For me, Christmas always started on Christmas Eve and ended on Three Kings’ Day. I knew that in the United States it lasted until New Year’s Day.

But to my surprise, here in Puerto Rico they also celebrate Three Kings Day, which made me feel more at home. Back to the longest Christmas in the world… here it starts from Thanksgiving and lasts until the middle of January, the feast of San Sebastian. As a result to the increase of covid cases in the country, all events were cancelled.

In the office we still have the Christmas lights up, although the tree at the entrance was taken down a few days ago.

Secondly, regarding Covid, I received the vaccine booster on the 11th of this month. Fortunately no reaction and a slight pain in my arm that lasted one day and did not prevent me from going to work. I am reassured that both in the country, but especially in the office, they are well aware of this issue. Some of the team are still working remotely, and there are some I have yet to meet in person. Still, since the middle of the month, more people have been coming to the office.

After I joined, they have hired three more people. We are a total of 40 in the San Juan office. I had previously worked in a studio where there were only 3 of us, so it’s a big change.

Futhermore, I am still in the landscape area helping to advance deliveries, but from Monday 31st I will be moved to the architecture team. I’m a bit nervous to be honest, but the feeling they give me is very good. They help at all times and don’t hesitate to explain things to me if I don’t know how to do them. It feels like a big family.

On the other hand, on the leisure side, there is not much to tell. It has been a month that I have spent most of my time in the office and I have not been able to visit new places. Every weekend I go to the beach to eat and take the siesta I miss so much.

Finally, I still don’t have a fixed accommodation. It is difficult to find something stable and cheap. Luckily in the airbnb where I’m staying, the landlady is too nice to me. She has brought me some of the local food she has made and takes care of me like part of her family. Every time we see each other in the common areas we talk for a long time.

I am beginning to like San Juan and its people, and above all I feel very much at home in the office. Little by little I will be more relaxed so that I can better enjoy all the corners of this island.

Gabriel Garcia-Cremades


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