The Inheritance – what to see on Broadway and… where to go after the show!

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Looking for a great cultural experience in NYC? Don’t look any further! The Inheritance is a beautiful, eye-opening, funny but heart melting performance! Straight from an acclaimed London production this six and a half hours (in two parts) long show arrived intact on Broadway to shock, make you cry and force to look further. Of course, it could’ve been made shorter, and no, it’s not perfect but there is just something in it… the message coming from this play is simply sooo important and deeply touching.

The playwright, Matthew Lopez based his creation on “Howard’s End” written by E.M. Forster back in 1910 (BTW! I do recommend the book too! It’s absolutely marvelous!). This heavily plotted novel has been transformed into more topical piece, where in fact one of the characters, Morgan plays Forster himself. The play focuses on gay culture in America and the legacy of the AIDS crisis by telling the audience a story about a group of friends, living in NYC sometime between 2015 and 2018. I’m not gonna spoil it for you, don’t worry! Just be curious, get cheaper tickets through TKTS (you have to go there on the same as the performance but you get 50% off of the regular price) and go see it! It’s an important piece and it will be remembered as it speaks to its audience on so many levels – political, emotional, intellectual…

When done with all two parts of the show, there’s no better place to talk about it with a friend or contemplate by yourself than BAR CENTRALE (324 W 46th St)! This almost historical place has been a favorite spot for all performers and savvy theatergoers. With no sign at the door, no pin on GoogleMap, it remains a secret venue where you’ll find amazing drinks and  delicious food (and very often the actors themselves)! Check it out!

P.S. The night I went to see the show, Jake Gyllenhaal was there too! Everyone talks about it in the city so you should go too!


Stanislaw Gulkowski

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