Contrastive New York

It has been an atypical winter so far in New York. Although December started off with snow, the past two months have been alternating between late autumn and early spring, including a January weekend with 23 degrees Celsius! I must admit I enjoyed every moment of it, while at the same time worrying about the consequences of such weather patterns.

However, this meant that the outdoors were pretty much still available to enjoy and make the most of. For me, Central Park is the most fascinating place to be in. Its sheer dimension, landscape variety and cultural/historical significance place it in stark contrast to the dense grid of urban Manhattan. This duality is even more apparent thanks to a series of high-end, high-rise residential developments on the South border of the park, around 57th Street. Because of the exclusive nature of these developments (luxury apartments and penthouses), the area has been called Billionaires’ Row, and with good reason. It has been speculated that three floors of 220 Central Park South, one of the residential skyscrapers on Billionaires’ Row, have been sold for $238M, which would make it the most expensive home sold in the United States.

The new skyscrapers in Billionaires’ Row are even more impressive since they can be observed from the Northern border of Central Park – 110th Street – making them the most dominant developments in Manhattan, at least from a height standpoint. I am very much looking forward to the completion of these projects and the top-floor view!

In any case, New York is a city that can be enjoyed by all pockets, albeit some attractions are more exclusive than others. The vibe of the city, though, is there for everyone to feel, enjoy and interpret. And the wide variety of cultural, historical and financial backgrounds of New Yorkers is what makes this place one of a kind.

Theodor Harasim

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