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Hi everyone, I’m Christian. I want to start here telling you about my J1 Visa process.

I have completed my Architecture studies and I worked in Europe in different environments, but with an eye always watching to United States. It has always been synonymous of excellence to me, so I always been eager to work and live in there. Now I can say thank you to Architect-US for making it possible.

I discovered Architect-US on the Archdaily web site, the headline was something like “Architect-US: how to work in the U.S. and not die in the process”. Well, it is true, the process can be quite chaotic, but the team of Architect-Us is always there to help me and make all clearer and easier.

It all happened very fast and, in few weeks, we arranged everything.

I am excited to start this adventure, of course there will be difficulties, a lot of differences (like the measurement system to say one), but this is one of the parts that I like the most, cause only from hard experience we can improve ourselves. I am happy to could be part of the team of a successful firm that work in a such difficult and huge environment as Los Angeles.

Well and Los Angeles, what to say? For me it is always been the most intriguing city in the world: global hub for many disciplines from architecture, cinema, technology to art in general. I’m grateful for the opportunity and I will do my best to overcome all the difficulties, and to take full advantage of this magnificent experience.

Christian Massi


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